The Silver Fox Farm, SheringhamThe Silver Fox Farm, Sheringham

Many years ago along what is now know as the 'Top Road' Cromer - Holt, there was a Zoo.

It was called Sheringham Zoo and Silver Fox Farm and as the name suggests the speciality was the rearing of Silver Foxes, truly beautiful creatures.

Not much information is available about the zoo, but allegedly it housed a wide variety of different species, including lions and elephants.  Visitors were able to purchase 'suitable' food for the zoo animals and many a child spent the day blissfully watching the exotic animals on show.  In those days, all of the exhibits would have been exotic, only pictures in books before the zoo opened it's gates.  It overlooked the sea and was surrounded by woodland.

The Zoo Cafe served Teas and Light Lunches and according to the copy of the brochure below, you could get a cup of tea for one shilling (5p).  Those were the days!

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If you have any detailed information about Sheringham Zoo and Silver Fox Farm, please contact us, we would love to publish visitors own experiences or photographs.

We have been sent a personal account from Doris Louisa Bohannan nee Pegg who now lives in Chelmsford.  Click here to read her memories of the Silver Fox Farm.