All Saints Church Upper Sheringham - Church of England

All Saints Church Upper Sheringham - Church of EnglandRev Peter Barnes-Clay

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In 1066 details of the village church were noted in the Doomsday Book.

At this time Upper Sheringham was the main village and Sheringham was then known as Lower Sheringham.

All Saints Church Upper Sheringham - Church of EnglandThere is a lovely story which dates back many years, it tells of a little mermaid swimming in the deep blue sea off Syringham.

She was filled with an urgent desire to visit the Parish Church and after a difficult journey, she arrived outside the North Door utterly exhausted.  Having recovered somewhat she pushed the door open and timidly peered inside.  A service was in progress and the Beadle was horrified and told her to leave as mermaids were not allowed in the church, and he slammed the door in her face.

She was a very determined mermaid and when no-one was looking she crept back in and sat on the outside edge of the pew nearest to the door.

And there she is to this very day - you can see her carved into the arm of the pew.

All Saints Church Upper Sheringham - Church of EnglandAt the front of the church to the left of the main door you will find a memorial stone to the crew of a US plane which crashed locally on 4th January 1944, whilst returning badly damaged from a mission and in gratitude to those who aided the survivors. Lest we forget.