Army Cadets Cromer DetachmentArmy Cadets in Cromer

Cromer Detachment - Norfolk ACF

Do you enjoy getting dirty, playing football and learning new skills?

If the answer is yes, then Cromer Army Cadets is just the thing for you.

At Cromer Army Cadets, cadets are not only taught a wide range of skills but they also have a wild time in the process.

What are the army cadets?

The Army Cadet Force is different to other youth organisations. It's for 13 to 18 year olds who enjoy a challenge. If you are bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and of course, ATTITUDE the army cadets is just right for you. It's also for adults who want to contribute as voluntary youth leaders. To learn and teach, lead and push themselves.
Scared of getting your boots dirty? Forget it.

What do they do?

All cadets want to do something different and exciting. In the cadets you will be taught Target Shooting, Drill, Use of Map and Compass, Fieldcraft, Campcraft, First Aid and Community Service. As a cadet you can also take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. You could also get the chance to try Abseiling, Canoeing, Expeditions, Hillwalking, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing and Top Roping. You also get the chance to attend weekend camps through out the year.

What do I get out of it?

The Cadets is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your skills and toughen up. In Cadets you will learn new skills and eventually you will progress in star levels. Cadets is an excellent way to enjoy yourself and also to build up confidence, stamina, fitness and best of all meet new people. These new skills help in later life as they are a great part of growing up. If you start a new job you need to make new friends, by learning the star levels in cadets this encourages you to perceiver and work hard to get the results you want in life and most important of all it gives you a sense of humour and teaches you to have fun as well as work hard.


Welcome to the gallery! Here you can see the cadets at Cromer Detachment in action. Also you can see the instructors and helpers at their very best.

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On a 10km walk Homeward bound Listen in! Cadets learn first aid

This sounds really good how do I join?

There couldn't be a simpler way to join, just find out where the nearest detachment is and walk in.
The local ACF is held at Cromer High School every Wednesday Evening at 19.30hrs. To find out more about cadets and also where the other detachments are just phone up and ask using the number given below. Below there are some websites and also the phone number to phone for more information on the army cadets.

Tel: 0845 600 77 99