Electric Picture Palace, SheringhamTHE ASSEMBLY ROOMS

Formerly the Electric Picture Palace - Cromer Road.Built by CA Sadler a local businessman. It was built in the distinctive way of cinemas of this period of time in 1914. It had a seating capacity of 400.

The Electric became the Casino in later years, but was never wired for sound. When Mr Saddler found himself without films he used to share reels with the cinema at Cromer, Mr Norman Troller, well loved locally as Poppa Troller who ran the skating rink at Cromer for many years, who would carry the films between cinemas on his motorcycle.

Assembly Rooms, SheringhamIt closed as a cinema in 1931 and was used for a variety of things including a Roller-Skating Rink until it became a shoe factory, which gave much needed work to many local people.

It is still known to many as the Regal Assembly Rooms and was hired out for many forms of entertainment.

Currently it is a Masonic Hall and as you can see there is not much changed here!