Banking In SheringhamFirst Bank in Sheringham

The first bank opened in Sheringham in 1890, it occupied two rooms in a house in the High Street owned by a Mr Joseph Nightingale. It only opened on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11am until 2.30pm.

It became Barclay and Company on 1st July 1896 but this was not effective until 20th July when Barclays was registered as a limited company. By the turn of the century it had attained the status of full branch. It retained the same opening days and times. On 14th July 1898 Joseph leased the two rooms to Barclay & Co for 14 years, with an option to purchase, which they did at some time accept.

When they bought the property they erected the current building in which originally the manager live on the top floor and the bank occupied the bottom. Now the building is used exclusively for banking business.
On 24th January 1917 they applied to become Barclays Bank Ltd, this was effective on 17th February 1917. On 22nd October 1937 the familiar Black Spread Eagle was used for the first time.

Other banks in Sheringham were Lacon & Youell’s Bank, which opened in the 1890’s, which only opened on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm; this was absorbed later by Capital & Counties Bank, which amalgamated, with Lloyds Bank Ltd in 1918.

In 1946 a branch of East Anglian Trustee Savings Bank opened and in 1960 a sub branch of Midland bank.