Sheringham Beach and Cliff Tour

There are those people who would say that we are prejudice when we say that Sheringham Promenade, Beach and Shoreline is one of the best in Britain and we believe in the world.

Sheringham may not have the guaranteed sunshine of foreign lands, but what we do have is safe, clean beaches, with Lifeguards, Coastguards, Lifeboats, First Aid Assistance and lots of space.

To show you what we mean, we are going to take you on a walk along our Promenade, the photographs were all taken on a dull, cold, damp November morning, with the mist rising over the sea.

The promenade and beach were almost deserted, but with a little imagination you can see how beautiful it really is. Come, walk with us.......

From East to West

We begin our journey at Beeston Bump to the east of Sheringham. Although it is a steep climb, the view from the top is well worth the effort. From the bump you get a superb vision of Beeston Regis, Beeston Church and a panoramic view of the woodland and common which edges Sheringham.

As you come down the path towards the putting green, you will see for yourself the cliff erosion that has already taken place. The Putting Green itself has been there for many years and during spring, summer and autumn is a riot of colour. Being slightly away from the town and at the top of the cliffs you can while away your time in it's tranquil atmosphere and have an ice-cream or have a pleasant and inexpensive game of putting.

Beside the putting green you will find a slope which leads down to the prom, for those who cannot manage long walks there are conveniently placed benches. Standing on the slope, if you look eastwards you can see stretches of sandy beach, the solid promenade stops just out of view of this photograph, but you can just keep walking!

At the bottom of the slope are some steps down and here you will find some public conveniences. Extremely handy if you are spending the day on the beach, as you can use these to get changed in privacy.

Look straight ahead, there's nothing but beautiful, clean sea and the sandy beach which is ideal for families.