Sheringham Coastwatch has helped in over 15 incidents since 1997.  We we who live in North Norfolk know the pleasures of our wonderful coastline, the scenery, bird life, good beaches and numerous havens for small boats.

We also know too well the North Sea can change from a tranquil scene to fast slowing tides, high seas and strong winds.

These can be a very real danger to the unwary on some of our beaches and cliffs or to the unfortunate sailor who has difficulties out at sea.  Our Marine Rescue Services spring into action the moment an alarm is raised.  We the public offer a silent prayer every time we hear the boom of the maroons summoning the crew for the launch of the Lifeboats.

But, have you given a thought to how the alarm is raised today since the closure of the Coastguard Lookout Stations along our coast?  The last visual watchtower was closed in 1994.

Only two Coastguard Stations, one at Great Yarmouth and the other on the Humber, assisted by a few thinly spread mobile units, now have to look after our coastline.

Groups of men and women along our coast decided that keeping a lookout is important and could save lives.  That is how and why sheringham Coastwatch was formed.   Volunteers now keep watch from the old coastguard lookout situated on top of Skelding Hill at the highest point of the Sheringham Golf Course.  We man the lookout 7 days a week from 8.30 to 6.00pm during the summer months (Only until 4pm in the winter months).

We report any incident on the sea, beach, cliff and pathways, to the Coastguard at Great Yarmouth who will then take over responsibility for the incident and co-ordinate the rescue services.  We work to guidelines nationally agreed with the coastguards who regularly review our procedures and training.  We have obtained the coveted 'Declared Facility Status'.

We are part of the Sea Safety Group, an organisation with all aspects of safety at sea.   This group forms a link for the various Coastal Surveillance Stations around the coast of Britain.

Coastwatch is manned entirely by volunteers, both male and female, and we need more of you to join us.  We come from various different backgrounds; some with watchkeeping experience and others whom have not.  We will provide necessary training to enable you to become a full member of the team.  All we ask is that you are keen to join us and that you can walk up to the lookout!

If you are interested and would like to know more about us, please telephone the lookout on 01263 821200 during the day or 01263 713392 during the evening.   Alternatively, call in the next time you are walking the cliff path.
Sea Safety Group is a registered charity:1074624