North Norfolk Cats Lifeline Trust

The North Norfolk Cats Lifeline Trust are a small independent organisation based in Sheringwood, Beeston Regis, Sheringham in Norfolk.

Our aim is to take care of unwanted and stray cats, have them neutered and hopefully home them into good and caring homes.

We depend on the generosity of local people for the considerable costs of running our Cat Sanctuary at South Hollow, a lovely peaceful place where hurt and abused cats can recover in quiet, caring conditions until they are ready to be homed.

Many of our cats can never be homed, so traumatised are they from past unhappy experiences, and these cats will remain with us for the rest of their lives, and for these cats we need sponsors.

If you could spare a small sum each month, you can come down to South Hollow and choose a cat to sponsor, and it would be your cat, but in our care.

Donations of cat food can be left for us at:
Claws and Paws pet shop in Station Road, Sheringham,
The Pet Shop in New Road, Sheringham
The Pet Stop in Bond Street, Cromer


North Norfolk Cats Lifeline Trust
South Hollow
Beeston Regis
NR26 8TS

Telephone: 01263 822560

Please take a look at our site, it's a work in progress so if you have any suggestion please feel free to let me know!

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