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What’s your idea of a Special Constable? Policing fetes and special events, marshalling the crowds at a football match? Not these days! Norfolk Special Constables are a trained group of volunteers who work alongside the county’s regular officers. Whether they are patrolling the local community, giving evidence in court, maintaining public order or dealing with a road traffic accident our specials provide the highest level of service to the people of Norfolk. Policing fetes and public events is only one side to the Specials.

Norfolk Constabulary is currently recruiting 200 special constables across the county. Volunteers come from all walks of life but share a common goal, to put something back into their community and make it a safer place for their friends and family to live.

Specials have an almost identical uniform to regular officers, use the same equipment, drive police vehicles whilst on duty and take part in the same work as regular officers. They commit to a minimum of 16 hours service per month. Duty times are flexible, allowances are paid for travel to duty and out of pocket expenses are reimbursed where applicable.

Could you make a difference to your community? If you are aged 18 1/2 and 50 are reasonably fit, live or work in Norfolk and are a British, Northern Irish or Commonwealth Citizen then why not contact us and find out more about becoming a Special Constable in Norfolk.

Special ConstabularyEmployer Sponsored Special Constables

Through the STEP scheme you could be sponsored time off work by your employer to be a Special Constable. Some Norfolk employers are already sponsoring members of their staff by allowing them up to one day per month off work to help volunteers manage home, work and Specials commitments.

To find out how the skills you can gain through the Special Constabulary will help you and your employer benefit, contact the STEP Project Manager at the Special Constabulary Office.

Contact details

Call: 01953 423683 Email: stepspecials@norfolk.police.uk

Write: Specials, Jubilee House, Falconers Chase, Wymondham, Norfolk,NR18 0WW

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