Town Twinning Sheringham - Otterndorf, GermanyTown Twinning Sheringham - Otterndorf, Germany

The Sheringham - Otterndorf Twinning Association came into being following extensive enquiries by both Sheringham and Otterndorf Town Councils to find a suitable partner town with which to enter into a twinning partnership.  Having established the suitability of the two towns to twin, Sheringham Town Council called a series of public meetings and at the last of them on 9th March 1987, the Sheringham - Otterndorf Twinning Association was formally elected.

The Twinning document was formally signed by the representative of both towns at official ceremonies, first at Otterndorf on 25th October 1987 and then in Sheringham on 14th April 1988.

During the past ten years many visits to and from Otterndorf have been arranged by individuals and families. School visits have also been an important feature.

In October 1997 the 10th Anniversary of the Twinning partnership took place and to mark the occasion the Otterndorf Twinning Association invited the Sheringham Town Council and members of the Twinning Association Management Committee to take part in a week of events in Otterndorf from 6th to the 11th October.

In April 1998 a party from Otterndorf Twinning Association visited Sheringham to mark the signing of the Twinning Charter on 14th April 1998. Both these events were most successful and further strengthened the friendship and understanding between the people of the two towns.

Sheringham visited Otterndorf in May 2000 when Otterndorf celebrated the 600th anniversary of receiving its CityTown Twinning Sheringham Otterndorf Charter. Sixty-nine of Sheringham Associations members joined in the festivities, which included taking part in the Jubilee Parade with our own float which depicted the Sheringham Town Clock.

For more details of the twinning association telephone:01263 822382 or 823818